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Amope | Beauty Boutique Tour

Havas Impact, a top 100 event agency, partnered with Turtle Transit to design and build the Amope Beauty Boutique Tour – a sleek mobile salon that travelled to 11 cities and offered shoppers the chance to kick up their feet and get sandal season-ready for the summer. The beauty boutique, a custom mobile exhibit, featured complimentary five-minute partial manicures and pedicures with the Amope range of foot and nail care products.

Turtle Transit constructed the mobile exhibit to be lightweight and flexible so that the experience could be installed into premiere malls and outdoors at point-of-retail locations. The salon installation consisted of modular wall panels that fastened together via hardware and was constructed to feature different areas of a modern salon. The exhibit installation was also scalable and allowed for different sizes activation footprints.

As shoppers approached the boutique, they could check-in at a reception desk via an iPad, and lounge in sleek white furniture at a waiting area and watch Amope programming on an HD screen. When shoppers entered the boutique, there were semi-private stations outfitted with manicure tables and high-end pedicure spas – partitioned by sheer silk curtains.

The back wall of the boutique was finished in a high-grade faux stone paneling to emulate the look and feel of a salon. The wall displayed beauty photos and products on floating shelves. The beauty boutique also included frosted Lexan walls (to allow natural light into the exhibit), a high-gloss product display with accent lighting, and a photo opportunity area.

Once shoppers received their treatments, they could participate in a professional photo shoot and show off their beautiful results by sharing their photo on social media. Participants could also check-out #doyouamope to track their photos and continue conversations online post event.

The Amope Beauty Boutique Tour made multiple stops during the months of April-June at participating retailers like CVS, Wal-Mart and Bed Bath & Beyond; in addition to premiere malls across the country.

TurtleAmope | Beauty Boutique Tour