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Mobile Marketing a Win at SXSW

Fans at SxSW were amazed to see four nuns emerge from a cockroach extermination van. It was all part of a new marketing effort linked to the new Peacock series, Mrs. Davis, and even in a busy event like South by, it caught people’s attention!

The eye-catching vehicle was created when Turtle Transit was tasked with building a promotional vehicle that resembles one from the show, Mrs. Davis, including an 8’ long cockroach on the van roof.

The in-house team at Turtle worked with the client to design the graphic wrap and the roof art. The roach was built on a steel frame and then carved free-hand into a rigid foam sculpture, ensuring that the sculpture can withstand highway speeds.

Built in just two weeks, Turtle then transported the leased vehicle from our studio in Hudson, MA, to Austin in time for SXSW.

Whether you need help with your mobile marketing (nuns not included), or just a simple wrap on a leased vehicle, Turtle Transit can help you achieve your most creative ideas.

James RiseboroughMobile Marketing a Win at SXSW
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Building vehicles to drive vision services to underserved communities

Recently, our client 20/20 Onsite optometry made the news, taking their fleet of custom-designed buses to Boston public schools to provide school kids in need with vision services.

20/20 Onsite’s mission is to go the extra mile to make high-quality vision care more accessible, creating healthier and happier communities. Turtle Transit has worked with 20/20 Onsite since the beginning, building their first mobile vision center in 2014.

Turtle Transit has built six high-end mobile vision centers for 20/20 Onsite, the first organization to deliver eye exams through mobile vision centers.

Delivering eye care services to urban schools, 20/20 Onsite wanted to break down the obstacles that many families face in accessing vision healthcare services, by taking care to where children are located – schools.

Turtle partnered closely with 20/20 Onsite to determine how to model the buses after doctors offices. “We had to consider the specific space needed for full eye exams, including the appropriate distance for reading eye charts, and space for glasses displays, and how that would all work in a bus,” noted James Riseborough, Turtle Transit President.

As the vehicle would travel from site to site around the country, all the fragile eye exam equipment as well as chairs needed to be mounted and well secured. Generators for power, housed under the floor, with heat and AC, were also needed as the buses would run in all seasons.

While Turtle Transit has customized seven RVs for 20/20 Onsite, some are customized for urban curb-side mobile visits, while others include a 10’ x 30” bump-out on the side of the RV, which enables more space for sitting and display areas.

Today, the six 20/20 Onsite vehicles are supporting vision care with more than 450 corporations across several cities, and this year, in urban schools as well. Turtle Transit is proud to partner with 20/20 Onsite as they deliver important eye-care to people in underserved communities as well as where they work.

James RiseboroughBuilding vehicles to drive vision services to underserved communities
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It wasn’t long ago that Turtle Transit released our mobile tour trends report in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Thank-you Event Marketer Magazine!) Since early spring, our skilled team of designers and craftsmen rolled up their sleeves to present a line-up of buzz-worthy mobile experiences built for the new normal. 

We were beyond excited to receive interest from so many clients (old and new) who were calling on Turtle Transit for creative solutions to get their brands back on the road safe, and to deliver a memorable experience for their customers during a time of much needed entertainment. 

Due to the amazing response and interest we received, Turtle Transit is thrilled to officially announce the roll-out of SHOW-READY MOBILE; a state-of-the-art custom vehicle built to transform parking lots into an immersive mobile experience. 

Leading the resurgence of drive-in theaters, SHOW-READY MOBILE is fully equipped with a brilliant 14’ X 8’ LED display that raises from the rooftop via custom hydraulics and features a large fold-down stage for live entertainment, musical performances, fan experience, tailgating, cooking demonstrations, home shows, product workshops and more. 

There has never been a vehicle that can live-stream content from an LED Display and host talent and commentators on stage at the same time. SHOW-READY MOBILE broadcasts programming from over 250 ft. away and rigged with AM / FM radio transmission to amplify live performances and get attendees as close to the action as possible.

SHOW-READY MOBILE is making its debut in North Carolina for a SOLD-OUT three-day mobile concert series with Grammy award-winning and perennial Billboard chart-topper – the Steep Canyon Rangers. The socially distanced concert series, “The Drive-In Tour,” will deliver free performances at numerous locales across North Carolina from 8/27-8/29. 

Attendees will enjoy the show from the safety and comfort of their vehicles, while watching the band perform on SHOW-READY’s custom stage and tuning in on the radio. Music will be transmitted via FM  signal to car stereo systems.  The shows will be live-streamed on the Steep Canyon Rangers Facebook page and from the Brevard Music Center official website. Tour schedule and links to virtually watch the shows are below. 


  • 8/27 – Brevard, NC (
  • 8/28 – Mills River, NC
  • 8/29 – Burnsville, NC

Ways to watch the live-stream performances:

Steep Canyon Rangers Facebook Page

Brevard Music Center Facebook Page

Brevard Music Center’s Official Website

If you’re interested in learning more about SHOW-READY MOBILE, or would like to reserve the vehicle for your upcoming event or live performance, please fill out our contact us form or call our office at 978-365-9300.

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Turn-Key B-2-B Roadshows and Mobile Meeting Spaces

Transform your Cancelled Trade Show or Meeting into a Mobile Experience

It’s no question that recent events have impacted the trade show, live meetings and event industry in ways we never could have imagined. While large conferences and business gatherings have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely under CDC guidelines, B-2-B marketers and sales executives are looking for new creative solutions to reach their customers.

James RiseboroughTurn-Key B-2-B Roadshows and Mobile Meeting Spaces
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Award Winning! State Farm Roadhouse – #Sponsorship Activation

Objective: Create a multi-city tour to connect and engage with tailgating football fans while enhancing the game-day experience for fans at home.

State Farm Roadhouse

State Farm Roadhouse

Experiential Efforts: Sponsorship Activation, B-2-C, Buzz-WOM

Awards: 2017 Ex Awards Finalist

Solution: Turtle Transit joined forces with The Marketing Arm, an award winning It list 100 Agency, to design and build the State Farm Roadhouse, a Dually pick-up truck extended 15′ to support a real furnished Tiny House.  The custom vehicle was a physical manifestation of State Farm’s combined Home and Auto insurance coverage, built to deliver the best football tailgating and watching the big game.

Turtle Transit cut the pick up truck in half an professionally lengthened the drive shaft, wiring harness, fuel lines and brake lines. A custom sub-frame was manufactured onto a 15-ft extended  chassis to support the house structure.  Turtle  Transit built the framework of the structure onto the chassis of the truck.  the modern and sleek themed-house featured large exterior windows, residential siding, a “State Farm” red entry door with decorative glass, entry steps skinned in high end composite decking with a decorative cable railing system, a simulated shingled peak rooftop, and a full-size artificial stacked stone chimney that expelled real smoke via a wireless remote.

At the Steelers

At the Steelers

The interior of the house featured high-grade flooring, sleek LED lighting, and furnished with a cowhide rug and leather seating.  A decorative accent wall made out of stacked stone featured a fully operative fireplace that displayed actual simulated flames and  65-inch SMART TV for streaming live #Football games via an In-Motion DIRECTTV Satellite System.  The interior also featured a Bose Dolby Surround System and custom built sport lockers that displayed team jersey and football artifacts for consumer photo ops.

The State Farm RoadHouse also featured a “backyard” experience via a glass sliding door constructed on the driver side of the truck.  Turtle Transit fabricated a custom 3-tiered deck manufactured out of composite decking.  The deck hosted live press interviews and created a lounge area for consumers.



James RiseboroughAward Winning! State Farm Roadhouse – #Sponsorship Activation
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Cutthroat Kitchen Food Network’s Mobile Exhibit #DIRECTTV #FunFestival

Objective: Create an Interactive Mobile Exhibit to promote Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen series at the DIRECTTV Super Fan Festival

Experiential Efforts: B-2-C, Sponsorship Activation, Buzz-WOM

Social Fun and Fortune

Social Fun and Fortune

Alton Brown

Alton Brown

Solution: At DIRECTTV’s Super Fan Festival leading up to Super Bowl XL!X, LeadDog Marketing Partners tasked Turtle Transit to build-out an interactive  mobile exhibit for the popular Food Network Series, Cutthroat Kitchen, the Outdoor exhibit was built to replicate a larger-than-life briefcase, inspired by TV host Alton Brown’s briefcase full of case featured on the show.  The giant briefcase was transformed into a fully functioning cash cube, which showcased thousands of Alton Brown bills  worth special prizes  for those lucky to participate inside the Cash Catch activation.

Cutthroat Cash

Cutthroat Cash

Each consumer selected to enter the giant briefcase had the chance to win up to $100 of flying cash in 30 seconds while battling a challenge from the spinning “Sabotage” Wheel, such as wearing lobster claws, eye patches and football gear. the lucky consumer  to collect the most cash won two VIP tickets to DIRECTTV’s Super Saturday Night party and concert featuring Rihanna.  Turtle Transit manufactured the outdoor exhibit to be lightweight and modular. The structure of the exhibit featured large scales glass windows to drive participation and engage attendee passerby at the festival. The interior was engineered with a full electric system designed to power under floor exhaust fans that blew the Alton Brown bills inside the briefcase at high variable speeds.  An overhead countdown clock above the briefcase displayed the participants time so that festival attendees could observe the cash cube activation from afar.

Catching Money

Catching Money



James RiseboroughCutthroat Kitchen Food Network’s Mobile Exhibit #DIRECTTV #FunFestival
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NUTMobile’s are Good & protien plenty #Builtbyturtle

In observance of #NationalTrailMixDay otherwise known as #Gorp

Trail mix is the ultimate snack food because it is full of Protein, lightweight and easy to store. #BuiltbyTurtle



*In 1968, one of the claimed inventors of trail mix were two surfers who put together a blend of peanuts and raisins for an energy snack.



James RiseboroughNUTMobile’s are Good & protien plenty #Builtbyturtle
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