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Brookside Chocolate | Custom Event Set

As an official partner of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, Brookside Chocolate partnered with Hype! Agency and Turtle Transit to design and build a stellar event set for the Nation’s largest independent film festival.Turtle Transit was tasked with building out a temporary branded environment inside the venue as part of Brookside’s official sponsorship with Sundance Film Institute.

The modular event set was built using portable stand-alone walls with digital printed fabrics, featured retro-style cinema popcorn machines and custom table-top displays that showcased Brookside products. Brookside ambassadors handed out popcorn and chocolate treats to attendees to snack on during the viewings, and also encouraged them to #TalkAboutFilm (a social integration to amplify conversations on Twitter and Facebook).

Turtle and Hype! were proud to have designed and executed the custom event set in only two weeks of planning the sponsorship activation. Throughout the years – our agencies have built a strategic partnership focused on flawless execution and exceptional event experiences.

TurtleBrookside Chocolate | Custom Event Set