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Doritos Top-N-Go Truck | Specialty Food Truck

Turtle Transit collaborated with Fuse Marketing to build-out a specialty food truck to create awareness for the new Frito-Lay Top N’ Go Chips. The new Top N’ Go snack line features horizontal packages of Tostitos, Fritos and Doritos chips that allow customers to add their favorite toppings directly into the package.

Turtle Transit was tasked with transforming a standard step truck into a larger –than-life package of Doritos Top N’ Go that showcased a variety of fresh toppings and oozing cheese. Our team of craftsmen sculpted the giant Doritos out of high density foam and fiberglass and finished the chips with specialty paints and powder coating (to create the iconic Doritos Nacho Cheese). All the fresh veggies and cilantro were CNC routed and finished with vibrant graphics, and strategically “topped” over the giant chips.

The interior of the truck was outfitted with a full-size NSF commercial kitchen equipped with refrigeration, countertop warmers for fresh topping, a refrigerated veggie prep station and a Vulcan holding cabinet (to keep prepared samples at serving temperature). The Doritos Top N’ Go Truck deployed this week and is headed to Super Bowl 50 to serve-up some delicious samples of Top N’ Go to football fans attending the final championship of the season. Look for Top N’ Go, a hearty, customizable, on-the-go snacking option, available at local retailers and convenience stores.

TurtleDoritos Top-N-Go Truck | Specialty Food Truck