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Freschetta | Simply Inspired Food Truck

Program Objective: Activate a custom food truck as part of a sponsorship tie-in with pop star Natasha Bedingfield’s “Less is More” Live Nation Tour.

Experiential Efforts: Sampling, Sponsorship Activation, B-2-C

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Solution: Freschetta Pizza hit the road on a national sampling tour to promote its new Simply Inspired pizzas with a custom food truck built by Turtle Transit. The Simply Inspired Food Truck travelled around the country as part of pop star, Nathasha Bedingfield, “Less is More” Live Nation tour – sponsored by Freschetta Pizza. The design of the vehicle was inspired by the brand’s innovative product packaging for its Simply Inspired Pizzas. The unique, round-shaped packaging uses 30% less materials, saving 23,433 trees and 472,500 gallons of diesel fuel per year. Turtle transformed the exterior of the food truck to mimic the packaging design. The food truck also featured a serving window and a complete NSF kitchen equipped with pizza ovens to prepare and serve fresh pizza to concert attendees. Brand ambassadors equipped with iPads encouraged sampling and enabled consumers to go online and review their pizza experience. Participants who reviewed the pizza were signed up for the Simply V.I.P Sweepstakes to win tickets to Nastasha Bedingfield’s finale concert in Florida.

TurtleFreschetta | Simply Inspired Food Truck
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Arby’s Foundation | Charity Tour

Program Objective: Create an Arby’s restaurant on wheels to support the Arby’s Charity Tour, a cause marketing program to raise proceeds for the Big Brothers Big Sister Foundation.

Experiential Efforts: Cause Marketing, Sponsorship Activation, B-2-C, B-2-C

Awards: Event Design Awards – Gold Winner

Achievements: Featured Session at the 2010 National Restaurant Conference

Solution: Turtle worked with the Arby’s Foundation to create a custom 42-ft kitchen trailer to support the foundation’s annual Arby’s Charity Tour. The trailer was outfitted with a complete NSF kitchen with commercial equipment to prepare Arby’s signature roast beef sandwiches and curly fries. The trailer was equipped with a rooftop sky deck, gaming stations, an interactive photo activation, and a military-style lift that raised a telescoping die-cut sign of the Arby’s iconic cowboy hat over 30-ft above the trailer. The trailer was also equipped with a custom branded John Deere ATV that traveled in the trailer during transit, and a custom 25-ft custom inflatable arch the featured interchangeable signage displays for each Charity stop. The vehicle program showcased a sleek high-end P2 SportChassis tow vehicle that was outfitted with a custom Arby’s grill, vibrant graphics and lighting accents.

TurtleArby’s Foundation | Charity Tour
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Disney Parks | What Will You Celebrate? Tour

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Program Objective: Create buzz and excitement in communities across North America about a National campaign to offer people free admission to a Disney Park on their birthday.

Experiential Efforts: P.R Stunt, Sponsorship Activation, Buzz-WOMM

Solution: Turtle Transit collaborated with Disney Parks to launch the What Will You Celebrate? Tour, a fleet of whimsical vehicles that traveled on an experiential road-tour across 31 cities in the U.S and Canada. The custom fleet featured interactive trailers, called “Celebration Stations,” that provided instant information about Disney vacation packages and offered the opportunity for customers to book their trip on the spot. In keeping with the theme of the campaign, Disney Celebration street teams handed out thousands of Mickey Mouse balloons to draw attention in high-traffic areas, and offered people the opportunity to register for a free admission pass to visit a Disney Park on their birthday directly from a celebration station. The custom trailer featured vibrant awnings that towered over HP touch monitors for redeeming admission passes. Custom wrapped Sprinter Vans and SUVs were also part of the interactive fleet of Celebration vehicles. Giant Mickey Mouse inflatable ears were mounted to the rooftop of the vehicles to generate engagement and excitement in the streets of major Metropolitan cities. Turtle Transit also designed vibrant segways that Celebration teams used to intercept people in the hardest-to-reach areas, and draw them to the trailers. Overall, more than 300 broadcast, radio and print media placements were made. The website logged 7.3 million views; roughly 1.7 million contest entries were submitted; and 20,000 visitors and viewers referred campaign messages to their friends.

TurtleDisney Parks | What Will You Celebrate? Tour
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Snapple | Dye Hard Tour

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Program Objective: Create a sponsorship activation in conjunction with the brand’s partnership with Manic Panic Hair Color and Cosmetic Company.

Experiential Efforts: Sponsorship Activation, Sampling, Guerilla Marketing

Awards: 2002 Ex Award Winner

Solution: Snapple partnered with Manic Panic Company to sponsor a National promotional tour to launch a great new product, DYEHARD Temporary Hair Color Styling Gel. Snapple Dye Hard Tour featured a vintage 1961 Globetrotter airstream, retrofitted into a custom traveling barbershop built by Turtle Transit. Tish and Snooky, owners of Manic Panic, tasked Turtle Transit to create a whimsical yet Willy Wonka themed design for the airstream. The trailer, dubbed “Hair-Stream,” was crafted with a custom flip-down stage, and finished with bright colorful walls, checkered flooring, vintage barbershop rotating pole lights, and animal skinned salon chairs. Turtle Transit custom sculpted giant Snapple bottles with wacky Mohawk hairdos and mounted them onto the trailer. Turtle also retrofitted a vintage beach wagon to tow the trailer, and finished the vehicle with a custom sculpted Snapple bottle with custom lighting accents. Manic Panic set up their “Hair Stream Trailer” as the DYEHARD Barbershop, and offered free wild-styling hairdos across the country. While guests enjoyed their makeover, they were offered a variety of Snapple beverages to sample at the Hair Stream Trailer. Snapple chugging contests and gaudy Mohawk haircuts attracted audiences as large as 50,000 in some cities and generated huge media attention. Snapple reported over 70 million PR impressions during the 13 city extravaganza.

TurtleSnapple | Dye Hard Tour
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Keurig Coffee | Discover Keurig Sampling Fleet

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Program Objective: Deploy a fleet of sampling vehicles to create awareness and generate trial for Keurig’s breadth of products.

Experiential Efforts: Sampling, B-2-C,B-2-B, Point-of-Sale, Guerilla Marketing

Solution: To create awareness and trial for Keurig Coffee, Turtle Transit constructed a pair of custom sampling vehicles deployed to untapped busy Metropolitan areas on the west coast, and served up fresh coffee to consumers shopping on Black Friday Weekend. Since a number of the activations utilized guerilla marketing efforts, Turtle designed the vehicles to set-up and breakdown in a matter of minutes. The vehicles included two activation areas, engineered to power over five Keurig machines simultaneously for mass sampling opportunities. Custom awnings and display racks were merchandised with a variety of Keurig product offerings. Sleek vibrant graphics and a giant Keurig coffee mug was displayed on the rooftop of the vehicle to create instant visibility and engagement for Keurig at a number of popular shopping venues.

TurtleKeurig Coffee | Discover Keurig Sampling Fleet
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