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Target Promotes New Cartwheel Mobile App at NASCAR Races

Turtle Transit collaborated with Minneapolis agency, Periscope, to construct an interactive mobile marketing exhibit to promote the new Cartwheel mobile app at NASCAR races in the Midwest and South. The exhibit featured a variety of interactives designed to engage attendees and generate downloads of the application. A custom cell phone charging station was part of the exhibit footprint for attendees to charge their phones while they watched educational content about Cartwheel over sleek outdoor monitors.To increase trial of Cartwheel, brand ambassadors invited attendees to download the app and partake in a grocery race game that challenged participants to locate various Target products using the Cartwheel App that were displayed within the exhibit. Attendees who participated in the game could win a variety of prizes like gift cards redeemable at Target stores. The exhibit also featured an outdoor all-weather sound system and interchangeable rooftop signage. During non-activation hours and periods of inclement weather, Turtle designed a vibrant branded canvas that fastened around the structure of the exhibit to deter theft and rain damage. The Target Cartwheel Exhibit debuted last month and will continue to activate at NASCAR events until the fall.


TurtleTarget Promotes New Cartwheel Mobile App at NASCAR Races