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Turtle Transit is the industry leading fabricator of mobile marketing vehicles and interactive displays & exhibits. We are a full service mobile marketing agency, offering clients every dimension of unexpected advertising. We design and build award winning mobile vehicle programs, interactive exhibits and experiences, kiosks, mall programs, activation stations and pop-up retail for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Turtle Transit operates out of its state-of-the-art fabrication studios in Hudson, MA. As your mobile marketing partner, our wide array of capabilities and turn-key production services transform your ideas into immersive mobile experiences. We work with the nation’s top agencies and brands to launch new products, educate consumers, create awareness and drive consumers to retail.

We aim to visually delight, creatively stimulate, actively engage, and completely dazzle our clients with every initiative we undertake. After a decade of business, and thousands of builds, we haven’t lost the excitement and passion in delivering superior products that drive your business to unexpected places.


James Riseborough

jamesrJames began his marketing career working as a highly-sought after sculptor and nightclub designer and created a number of out-of-this-world focal points at some of the country’s most famous hot spots, including The House of Blues in Boston and New Orleans and The Harley Davidson Café.

He later carried that expertise and know-how to the trade show and marketing circuit and spent years designing attention-grabbing exhibits and environments around the globe.

That all changed, however, when James saw his first fully-morphed advertising vehicle. Suddenly he saw the opportunity to combine his know-no-bounds creativity with his life-long love of cars. His first mobile creation was Elvis the Rhino, an unbelievably life-like rhino that was built out of a 1985 Toyota van.

From its inception, Turtle Transit has built its reputation on designing immersive mobile experiences for the event and experiential marketing industry.

Today, James is still the lifeblood of Turtle Transit, as well as the muse and creative force that continues to propel Turtle Transit to be the best, boldest and most highly-innovative production company in the world of experiential marketing design.

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