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Keurig Coffee| The “Perfect Commute” Exhibit

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Program Objective: Create awareness and encourage trial for Keurig Coffee Brewers by activating mass sampling efforts at high-traffic commuter locations.

Experiential Efforts: Sampling, Buzz-WOMM, B-2-C

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Solution: To drive awareness for Keurig’s innovative single-cup brewing system and wide selection of gourmet coffee and tea, Turtle Transit designed a highly interactive sampling exhibit that featured a large center island with a sleek overhead awning and two satellite serving stations. Keurig took over Union Station in Chicago, and held sampling events to brighten busy commuters with free gourmet coffee. The exhibit displayed over 50 Keurig brewers available for commuters to trial the machines independently and experience its fast brewing speed. Large sleek monitors were also part of the exhibit and displayed promotional media while commuters waited in line for a free sample. Turtle Transit also constructed custom display cases that featured a number of Keurig Brewing Systems available for sale. The Keurig “Perfect Commute” exhibit was a huge success that garnered an impressive amount of media attention. Nearly 20,000 people brewed their own cup of coffee in just four days of activation.

TurtleKeurig Coffee| The “Perfect Commute” Exhibit
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Hawaiian Tropic | Sun Care Cabana

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Program Objective: Create an engaging cabana exhibit to promote Hawaiian Tropic’s product offerings to college students at spring break hotspots.

Experiential Efforts: B-2-C, Sampling, Youth Marketing

Solution: To promote the launch of Hawaiian Tropic’s new luxurious sun care products, Turtle Transit crafted an elegant cabana exhibit that travelled to the most popular sprint break hot spots. The cabana featured a finished gazebo structure and patio deck with sleek lighting, hanging fabrics and silk curtains. The interior was merchandised with product displays, cabana furniture, massage chairs and a wireless sound system. Turtle constructed a custom bamboo data capture station, which allowed spring breakers to sign up for a vacation sweepstakes via a touch screen. To create a sampling opportunity, two custom push carts with branded umbrellas were part of the experience for beauty ambassadors to hand out free products to consumers.

TurtleHawaiian Tropic | Sun Care Cabana
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Disney Parks | Aulani Resort Video Booth

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Program Objective: Design a fun and interactive video booth for the Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii.

Experiential Efforts: B-2-C, Hospitality, Digital

Solution: Disney Parks tasked Turtle Transit to design and build a 6’ X 6’ interactive video booth that would live inside the resort’s Pau Hana Community Hall. Turtle Transit faced a number of challenges while designing the booth. The structure needed to be modular so that it could easily travel to Hawaii and require a simple and seamless installation inside the community hall without disrupting guests. The design of the booth also required the same architectural finishes as the community hall. This required Turtle to partner with Disney Aulani’s architectural and production teams to utilize the same finishes and unique accents of the resort’s hall for the design of the booth. From batten walls, paint colors, lighting fixtures, fabrics and carpet, the design of the booth seamlessly integrated with the Pau Hana Room. Turtle installed interactive monitors, a swing arm touch screen, green screen and video camera inside the booth’s structure. The purpose of the video booth allowed guests to send an interactive digital post card to their friends and family. It also featured a number of exciting activities that guests could participate in like, singing the Aulani Tribute song, virtually swimming with the fish or sliding down one of Aulani’s water slides. Guests were also tasked with answering questions about Aulani and what they enjoyed the most about their stay. The digital postcards could either be emailed to friends or family, or posted via social media on Facebook or through Twitter. Turtle Transit handled all the site logistics, transport and installation of the booth in Hawaii.

TurtleDisney Parks | Aulani Resort Video Booth
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Saucony | Marathon Expo Booth

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Program Objective: Design a new expo booth to showcase Saucony running shoes at the country’s largest marathons.

Experiential Efforts: B-2-C, B-2-B, Trade Show Production

Solution: Turtle Transit designed, engineered and built a 20’ X 40’ mobile exhibit to support Saucony and its efforts to introduce its latest line of running shoes to athletes around the country. The exhibit was designed to be set-up in different size venues and retail environments, and could scale as large as 20’ X 70’ to display an impressive variety of shoes. The exhibit featured branded awnings that towered over the exhibit and connected to retail displays merchandised with Saucony performance apparel. The exhibit also featured custom lockers that displayed products, product nesting tables, and a custom cash wrap for sale check-outs. The highlight of the exhibit was an immersive center island that was designed to display a large variety of shoes, and included fitting rooms for customers. The entire environment featured interchangeable graphic panels so that Saucony could change its messaging for each marathon it was attending. Turtle Transit also manages the site logistics, transportation and set-up of the Saucony Expo Booth.

TurtleSaucony | Marathon Expo Booth
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NBC | Crusoe Mobile Exhibit

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Program Objective: Activate a P.R Stunt in New York City to promote NBC’s new action-adventure series “Crusoe.”

Experiential Efforts: P.R Stunt, Buzz-WOM

Solution: Turtle Transit custom built an outdoor exhibit designed to appear like Crusoe’s tree house on the new series. The custom exhibit was erected utilizing materials and supplies that could be found on a deserted island to bring a piece of the remote outdoors adventure to the public. In an effort to prevent the media from finding out about the stunt, Turtle set-up the exhibit at night on the corner of Broadway and 51st in New York City. The exhibit housed an actor playing the Crusoe character, who lived in tree house during the entire duration of the stunt, which was visible 24 hours a day live on a microsite, “” Philip Winchester, who plays Crusoe on the show, made guest appearances at the tree house during the stunt.

TurtleNBC | Crusoe Mobile Exhibit
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