BlackBerry | Keep on Moving Tour

Program Objective: Execute a National mobile marketing program to create awareness and generate trial for the new BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 phones.

Experiential Efforts: B-2-C, B-2-B, Guerilla Marketing, Point-of-Retail

Solution: The BlackBerry Keep Moving Tour featured the coolest and most retrofitted vans in the history of experiential marketing. Turtle Transit leased, customized and deployed twenty sprinter vans in over ten markets across the country. The vans were a “Swiss-Army Knife,” a full 360-degree experience with multiple contact points inside and outside the vehicle. The exterior footprint featured sleek matte graphics and lighting accents, custom branded hubcaps, an outdoor product demonstration area with phone displays, ambient lighting, a custom overhead branded awning, and an interactive touch screen monitor transformed into larger-than life BlackBerry Z10 for live demos. The rear doors of the vehicle were skinned with interactive panels leveraging Duratrans lighting and NFC technology. Consumers were offered the chance to tap a phone against a number of NFC squares to win free giveaways. The interior of the vans featured a sleek finished interior for more formal in-depth education. The area included a branded concave ceiling, a video wall that wrapped around guests seated on modern benches, and custom backlit posts that displayed the phone for trialing. The Keep Moving Tour extended for multiple months and resulted in over 1 million downloads from the vehicles.

TurtleBlackBerry | Keep on Moving Tour