NBC | Crusoe Mobile Exhibit

Program Objective: Activate a P.R Stunt in New York City to promote NBC’s new action-adventure series “Crusoe.”

Experiential Efforts: P.R Stunt, Buzz-WOM

Solution: Turtle Transit custom built an outdoor exhibit designed to appear like Crusoe’s tree house on the new series. The custom exhibit was erected utilizing materials and supplies that could be found on a deserted island to bring a piece of the remote outdoors adventure to the public. In an effort to prevent the media from finding out about the stunt, Turtle set-up the exhibit at night on the corner of Broadway and 51st in New York City. The exhibit housed an actor playing the Crusoe character, who lived in tree house during the entire duration of the stunt, which was visible 24 hours a day live on a microsite, “SaveCrusoe.com.” Philip Winchester, who plays Crusoe on the show, made guest appearances at the tree house during the stunt.

TurtleNBC | Crusoe Mobile Exhibit