Wonka Candy | Wonka Golden Egg Vehicle

Program Objective: Activate a whimsical interactive vehicle to sample Wonka Chocolate at family events and Point-of-Retail locations during the Easter Holiday.

Experiential Efforts: B-2-C, Sampling, Guerilla Marketing, Point-of-Retail, P.R. Stun

Solution: Turtle Transit custom sculpted a giant golden egg and three (3) animated Oompa Loompas out of fiberglass and mounted the scenery to the rooftop of a Toyota Scion. The rooftop focal points were finished with custom paint and vibrant graphics. The vehicle also featured a chocolate scented bubble machine and a sound effect system to create a multi-sensorial experience for parents and their children. The Wonka Vehicle captured media attention wherever it traveled to; especially during its trip to NYC Times Square where New Yorkers followed clouds of chocolate bubbles to find out where they went to.

TurtleWonka Candy | Wonka Golden Egg Vehicle