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Stay Inspired – Our Favorite Mobile Experiences of 2014!

Turtle Transit was thrilled to design and build a line-up of really unique and exciting mobile experiences throughout 2014. As part of our efforts to share our work and keep you inspired for the New Year, we’re honored to share some of our favorite activations last year. Please continue to stay connected with us on Pinterest for ideas, inspiration and our latest work!


o-NUTMOBILE-facebookObjective: Create two new specialty PLANTERS NUTMobiles to join the Kraft Foods experiential vehicle fleet.

Experiential Efforts: Promotions, B-2-C, P.R. Events, BUZZ-WOMM

Solution: In 2010, Turtle Transit had the honor and privilege of building the first PLANTERS NUTMobile, a pilot promotional vehicle for the debut of the PLANTERS NutMobile Tour. With increasing web traffic on The PLANTERS NUTMobile Tour Blog, and visitors requesting the opportunity for the NUTMobile to visit their community, Kraft Foods tasked Turtle Transit to build two new NUTMobiles as part of the brand’s strategy to increase visibility and maximize reach across the U.S.

Unlike the original PLANTERS NUTMobile, the new fleet, measuring at 27’ L X 8.5’ W X 11’ H, features an interactive experience inside the custom sculpted vehicles. Some of the unique features include a finished interior with a custom seating area with branded upholstery, a pro audio sound system with indoor / outdoor capabilities, high-tech flip-down ceiling lifts that display SMART TVs for digital sharing and to stream promotional media, and custom iPad stations to drive content sharing and conversations through social media, as well as serve as a social check-in point on Facebook. The custom vehicles also include a deep cycle battery system that powers the vehicle experience, custom storage solutions designed to house Mr. Peanut’s Mascot costume and product samples, sleek LED accent lighting, unique ceiling graphics and a rooftop hatch for parade opportunities.

Prilosec OTC Mini Monster Truck

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESObjective: Create a Mini Monster Truck as a sweepstakes offering to support Prilosec OTC sponsorship with NASCAR and partnership with Larry the Cable Guy’s “Zero Burn Games.”

Experiential Efforts: Sponsorship Activation, B-2-C, P.R. Stunt, BUZZ-WOMM

Solution: Turtle Transit partnered with Jack Morton Worldwide to transform a John Deere Utility Vehicle into an outstanding Mini Monster Truck for Prilosec OTC. The alternative vehicle featured a custom sculpted body and included all the bells and whistles an oversized pick-up truck would need for a Monster Jam event. Comedian Larry the Cable Guy teamed up with Prilosec OTC to show racing fans that “You Can’t Beat Zero” by offering them great “Zero Experiences”  at premiere NASCAR races, and a chance to win Prilosec OTC’s hottest wheels – a “Monster Utility Vehicle.”

During the races, Larry the Cable Guy participated in unique photo opportunities with the Mini Monster Truck; as well as hosting Prilosec OTC’s first-ever “Zero Burn Games.” Game participants were rewarded with cool prizes and had the chance to fill up their tanks on “Zero Cost Concessions,” courtesy of Prilosec OTC. At the last NASCAR race of the year, the Custom Mini Monster Truck was raffled-off as a one-of-a-kind fan sweepstakes.

REI Village Lounge

IMG_1164Objective: Create hyper-local event experiences that target REI members to participate in a variety of fun outdoor activities, engage in instructional classes, and relax in a mobile lounge with friends and family.

Experiential Efforts: B-2-C, Hyper-Local Activation, Promotions, BUZZ-WOMM

Solution: Turtle Transit collaborated with agency partner, LeadDog Marketing Partners, to develop a unique mobile experience designed to engage REI customers and outdoor enthusiasts across the country.  The REI Village Road Trip featured a custom 30-ft trailer, outfitted to simulate a rustic cabin on the lake. The interior and exterior of the trailer was finished with rough cut wood planks that were detailed with custom burnt and etched decorative branding and brushed aluminum accents. Custom serving windows were designed to simulate cabin windows with decorative flower boxes.

The interior walls were finished with creative artifacts, industrial art décor, sporting goods like kayak paddles, distressed wood shelves that displayed photos and custom branding accents.  Turtle Transit cut custom triangular skylight windows into the ceiling which allowed natural light inside the trailer. Other focal points inside the trailer included a custom distressed wood bar that included a camping lantern display, a double-door entryway with carabiner accents, and an instaprint station for social media sharing.

The exterior of the trailer also featured custom fabric canopies that anchored off the trailer to create outdoor lounge areas for customers to hang out and relax with friends and family. The brand hosted outdoor activities and sporting workshops at the REI Village, while distributing a variety of free snacks, drinks and giveaways to REI members and new potential customers attending the local events.

King Arthur Flour Bake Truck

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESObjective: Build a custom food truck and travel to communities across the country to share the joy of baking at fairs, festivals, and schools.

Experiential Efforts: B-2-C, Point-of-Retail, Sponsorship Activation

Solution: In an effort to share the love and joy of baking, Vermont-Based brand, King Arthur Flour, tasked Turtle Transit to design a unique and one-of-a-kind bake truck to support their community efforts.  With a stellar brand team that’s driven to bake, the purpose of the bake truck is to visit fairs, festivals, and point-of-retail stores like Whole Foods, and serve yummy baked goods to the community. The custom bake truck also makes stops at schools to promote the brand’s Bake for Good Kids program, where children learn that baking bread is fun and sharing bread with those in need is really a good thing.

To create a truly authentic bake truck, Turtle Transit created eye-catching focal points for the exterior of the vehicle – some of which included an oversized sculpted spatula on the rooftop and rolling pin mounted onto the front bumper of the truck.  The interior of the truck was outfitted with a full-size commercial kitchen that included convection ovens, heavy-duty food mixer, refrigeration, freezer, and a bin system to organize a variety of baking ingredients. As part of their sponsorship initiatives, King Arthur Flour hosts baking contests for local bakers to enter their sweets to be judged for a number of exciting prizes. To continue to share the joy online, King Arthur fans can follow the Bake Truck on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. A live blog also showcases upcoming events and information on how to stay connected.

Tasty Bite Mobile Tour

IMG_9113Objective: Launch a national pilot sampling program to increase trial of Tasty Bite’s authentic Indian, Asian and Rice cuisines.

Experiential Efforts: Product Sampling, B-2-C, Point-of-Retail

Solution: Turtle Transit teamed up with Tasty Bite to launch the brand’s first-ever mobile tour; a nationwide sampling program that made stops at a number of art and music festivals during the summer of 2014. Turtle Transit designed and built a custom trailer experience that featured a number of outdoor sampling stations with exciting interactives to engage attendees at the events. The interior of the trailer was outfitted with a full-size NSF kitchen with commercial culinary equipment to prepare and serve fresh samples of various Tasty Bite products.

The trailer also included an oversized serving window for product distribution, custom rooftop sign, pro audio sound system and vibrant tension fabric bistro tables for trialing. The experience also included custom cell phone charging stations and iPad stations that were set-up around the trailer and beneath branded tenting to keep attendees entertained at the trailer. The most popular interactive was a fun and entertaining photo opportunity. Turtle Transit retrofitted vintage cruiser bicycles that were customized with Tasty Bite 2D signs and wheel covers, for attendees to pose with in front of a vibrant photo backdrop. Once attendees participated in the photo opportunity, they could share their photo on a live Instagram feed that was displayed on a large SunBrite TV mounted on the exterior of the trailer. Turtle Transit was also honored to create the visual identity and messaging for all of Tasty Bite’s campaign graphics.

 Stella Artois Specialty Airstream

photo 20Objective: Design and activate a sophisticated draft trailer to serve as a strategy for Stella Artois to communicate with wholesalers across the country and promote at high-profile consumer events.

Experiential Efforts: Product Sampling, B-2-B, B-2-C, Promotions

Solution: Turtle Transit was tasked by Anheuser-Busch to design, build and activate a high-end, sophisticated draft trailer for the Stella Artois brand; in conjunction with a re-branding strategy and digital marketing effort to target millennial drinkers. Turtle Transit retrofitted a modern International Airstream into a sleek gastro bar-themed interior. The airstream trailer was finished with Chicago-style brick walls, butcher block countertops, rustic shelving to display Stella Artois Chalices, LED lighting, SMART TV display for product promotions and demonstration, and outfitted with high-end bar equipment.

The trailer also featured Stella Artois specialty sinks and an iconic Swan Draft Tower as part of the brand’s nine-step pouring ritual. Turtle Transit finished the exterior of the draft trailer with two serving windows for order and pick-up, as a strategy to meet high order demand and distribution goals. Stella Artois activates the specialty airstream at wholesaler territories across the country, as well as high-end consumer events that target millennials interested in artistry, sophistication and the foodie vibe.  The Stella Artois airstream debuted at the annual Anheuser-Busch SAMCOM event last fall.

Microsoft – Working From “Home”

Lumia_Camera_CrewObjective: Construct a one-of-a-kind outdoor game show to promote the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft and to highlight the capabilities of the New Lumia 1520 4G smartphone.

Experiential Efforts: P.R. Stunt, BUZZ-WOMM

Solution: To promote the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft, Geometry@Ogilvy, asked Turtle Transit to participate in the construction of the #WorkingFromLumia event, a live game show held in Boston at the iconic Prudential Center. The event invited visitors and contestants a day to work out of the office and learn about the capabilities of the Lumia 1520 4G smartphone, and the chance for a lucky person to win a $5,000 vacation. Geometry@Ogilvy tasked Turtle to construct a one-of-a-kind mobile pool to be set-up at the Boylston Plaza outside the Prudential Center and serve as the focal point for the game show-like event.  The mobile pool was finished with cabana decking and wood paneling to simulate a resort-themed environment.

Turtle Transit finished the outdoor plaza in high-end Astroturf and managed the onsite assembly of custom erected tents, cabanas with lightweight fabrics, a DJ station and high top bistro style pub tables. The resort-themed event-set was created for visitors to take a moment away from work and enjoy an entertaining show about how easy Microsoft mobile products are for working out of the office. The first event saw the teams face off in a freeze dance competition. Participants’ skyped with dancers, followed their moves, and froze when the music stopped playing. After a break, the contestants hopped on stage for a relay race in the mobile pool. Between laps, teams had to complete functions in Excel on Lumia 1520 phones.

The teams then headed into the puppy pit for the third event. Individuals built the story of the three little pigs on PowerPoint while sitting in a playpen full of puppies. During the final team event, contestants received spray paint tattoos while filling out resumes on Microsoft Word. The three top contestants were chosen for a final round, and were challenged to use Microsoft’s personal voice assistant, Cortana, to complete tasks while using hula hoops. The winner was presented with a $5,000 grand prize vacation. The Microsoft #WorkingFromLumia event was a fun way to exhibit the Lumia 1520 4G smartphone, and to gain a better understanding of Microsoft’s work from home capabilities.

Cox Gig Life Experience Tour

DSCF9011Objective: Activate a unique promotional experience to educate consumers about the first ever one gig internet service offered by Cox Communications.

Experiential Efforts: Promotions; B-2-C

Solution: To get consumers hyped up for the launch of the Cox Communications “Gig-Life Campaign,” Minneapolis top experiential agency, Periscope, tasked Turtle Transit to develop a mobile experience as part of a national integrated marketing effort. As Cox continues to pilot innovation and is perceived by consumers as a high-tech brand, Periscope and Turtle understood the importance to develop a unique vehicle experience that captured imagination and would captivate audiences wherever the program travelled to.

Turtle Transit retrofitted a sleek Airstream Trailer as the base of the experience. To maximize foot traffic and space inside the airstream, Turtle fabricated a custom flip-down stage on the activation-side of the trailer. A custom platform connected to the stage during activation, and served as a unique entryway for consumers interested in exploring the brand’s products and servings inside the Airstream. Custom white gloss kiosks and activity stations were displayed inside and outside the trailer, and offered educational demos for consumers to learn more about Cox and their 1-gig internet services.

To tie-into the brand’s unique data stream advertisements, Turtle Transit’s large format graphics team finished the exterior of the airstream with a clear vinyl wrap with accents of the data stream branding. The interior back wall also displayed the data stream branding through back-lit frosted panels that illuminated during activation. Turtle Transit finished the trailer with a custom 3D branded rooftop signed that elevated the overall look and feel of the Airstream.  The Cox “Gig-Life Tour,” will kick-off again in spring of 2015 to continue sharing their internet services with new markets across the country. The brand also will leverage the mobile experience to launch a new home security product that will be available to consumers in the near future.

TurtleStay Inspired – Our Favorite Mobile Experiences of 2014!